Top 5 Mistakes

Top 5 Mistakes CT Homeowners Make When Purchasing Windows

1. Choosing Cheap
It is a tempting idea to save as much money on the initial cost of your replacement windows. After all, we all love to get a good deal and spend less rather than more. With this in mind, please also remember that there’s no such thing as something good for cheap or for low price. Beware of windows for $189. While the price looks attractive it is pretty much unrealistic given the fact that good quality windows cost well over $200 without installation. Usually cheap window is good in the beginning, but then it starts to fall apart within few years after the installation. When you call the company that installed them for you, it is not uncommon to have a difficult time to get them to respond to you or have them check what the problem is. There’s simply no motivation to do the job right at first place, and there’s no incentive to support the homeowners in CT with great service when it’s needed.

2. Going for broke
The mistake of going for broke refers to the window replacement projects where the window company sends to your home slick salesmen whose livelihood depends on commission. The higher the window price the higher his commission is. These companies often use bait and switch techniques and will lure you into setting up your free in-home consultation and switch you to other “better” but a lot more expensive window product. There are some window companies in CT that charge even a $1000 per double-hung vinyl replacement window. The best way to protect yourself from paying too much is delay the urge to buy the first most expensive offer you see. Get a couple of window estimates and compare things like: window product, warranty, installation techniques, exterior trim, and the conditions of the agreement to get the whole picture of the window offering. But keep the number of estimates to a minimum to save your time and sanity.
3. Incorrect Installation
Since over 90% warranty claims are installation related it is a good idea to do your due diligence and check the credentials of your potential installer. Is he communicative and is able to explain how your replacement windows are going to be installed? What kind of insulation is going to be used? What are the quality control checks, or if there are any? Who is going to be in charge of quality control? Remember a good window is only as good as is the installation. Choose professional with old world craftsmanship philosophy and integrity. Choose an established company with proven track of success record and support. In the event that something goes wrong you will get a quick support that you may need. Replacing an old window is not a rocket science but it also requires certain level of skills, organization, and planning for the success of your window project.
4. No-Name Replacement Windows
All too common issue for many window customers is that they bought a cheap product in the past with no name and now if they have problem with that window, they can’t seem to find someone to answer the phone. The reason is simple. The no-name company has been long out of business or it simply will not honor the warranty because it expired.
While it may seem reasonable to get the lower price at first, you will never know what problems to expect with such no-name window product. To be safe in the future, choose a window replacement brand that has been around for a few decades, the one that has a great customer service and the one that is there for you when you need help. The ironic thing with such kind of reputable companies is that it is very unlikely that you ever have problem with the quality window products. And that is usually not the case with the no-name brands.
5. Lack of due diligence
This one mistakes in a way relates to all other 4 mistakes above. It is absolutely critical that you do your due diligence before you invest your hard-earned money in the replacement windows. To sum this up, avoid contractors if:
a) It’s difficult to verify the name, address or phone number
b) The company says that it will use your home as advertising, therefore you will receive a special deal
c) You can’t get any references
d) Sales person presses you into buying on the first call
e) The contractor asks you to pay for the entire job in advance
f) You can’t find the company in any directory, Internet etc.
g) You’re unable to verify the license and insurance
h) They offer you no-name products
i) They’re unable to show you the images of their work
j) The contractor does not offer you any warranty or service

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