Energy Star

Energy Star program is a program coordinated by US Department of Energy. Over the years the Energy Star mark (label) has become a proof for the variety of products, from electronics, to household machines, throughout doors and windows, that these products conserve energy and meet the Energy Star stringent criteria. Replacement window cost ct When it comes to window replacement in CT, and Connecticut being located in the Northern climate zone, we have to also closely look at NFRC labels on the window to determine if the window is going to perform well in both summer and winter when it comes to energy efficiency. The US Department of Energy says that “replacement windows protect us from weather like the winter jacket but like the winter jacket you should pick the one that will make the most sense for your climate zone. Some windows are good at keeping you cool and some windows are good at keeping you warm”. CT is located in the Northern zone characterized by the fact that homeowners are using mostly heating and some cooling. Replacement window cost ct Therefore if you live in Connecticut you should keep an eye on low U-Factor and relatively low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient factor, if you plan to conduct a window replacement in your for your home.